How Did I Get In So Much Debt?

There was a time, not long ago, when I was so convinced that I could handle all the costs of adulthood that I used to brag about it. When I would see friends struggling over some bills, I’d tell them they needed to be more like me, and keep everything in order.

What happened to that lady, I’d like to know? Well, I do know. First, I lost my job, the one that made it so easy to pay all my bills. When I lost it, I assumed I’d find more work quickly, but I’ve struggled to get back into the field and find a position that pays as well. It turns out, that job was far better than I even realized.

While I found some work relatively quickly, and the pay wasn’t awful, I quickly realized I’d overextended myself on a number of levels. There were credit card bills everywhere. I’d gone on a major trip shortly before I lost my job (unrelated to that, I just had a lot of vacation time saved up), and I’d put all of it on credit cards, assuming I’d have plenty of time and income to pay it off.

Well, so drowning in that, I, of course, got sick. Not ah-choo sick but hospitalized sick, and of course, I stupidly didn’t have insurance. I had been freelance at that well-paying job, which had been fine because I was young and healthy and didn’t think I needed benefits. Turns out, I needed benefits.

So, there were the medical bills settling in beside the credit card bills. Months rolled by, and I couldn’t pay the tax bill that came my way because I didn’t have the money. The funny thing about taxes is they go off your whole previous year’s income, but when you lose a lucrative job at the end of that year, you suddenly can’t afford the bill that comes from the government.

So, that went unpaid.

I’ve been struggling with all this for almost a whole year now, and I think I’m finally sick of it. I’m searching around and seeing a lot of places that say they can help with all this. This Erin B Shank, P.C. attorney, for instance, seems to cover all my bases. But I just don’t know if I can bring myself to just give up and declare bankruptcy. I’m young still, I could take the hit to my credit and move on, but I just feel too proud. Or delusional maybe. I keep thinking that next great job is going to show up soon.

Maybe it’s time to wake up and realize, first, I wasn’t nearly as good with money as I thought, and second, it’s time to wipe the slate clean and start over. Hopefully, I’ll be more responsible this time.