Taking advantage of nurses

This is an awful thing I’ve heard about this week. It’s not in the news, at least I’ve never heard about it before, but I’ve just found out that apparently, it’s really common for hospitals to try to short nurses out of some of their pay.

Can you believe that? I don’t know that I believe there’s any career nobler than that of being a nurse, and yet here we are, with hospitals stealing from them, outright stealing by refusing to pay what they’re owed.

How do that do that, you’re asking. It’s simple enough if you are willing to just do it and commit to such evilness. There’s a few methods that work:

You could demand nurses work off the clock, either making them do their paperwork without compensation (and who would want a job that doesn’t pay for doing the worst parts?) or just demand they keep working and taking care of patients off the clock.

Another method is by docking for meal times, even when nurses are too busy for a meal, which is often since it’s such an all-consuming job.

They can make nurses work before and after a shift, finishing up duties or getting a start before pay actually kicks in.

And then, of course, there are the unpaid meetings and training and other required activities that have to be done but for some reason don’t have to be paid for.

If the nurse isn’t at the hospital, there can be even more devious tricks, such as making nurses take a set fee for a home visit, even if such visits end up being more than 40 hours in a week.

Bosses can also refuse to pay for travel time.

These are just a few of the ways hospitals and other healthcare professions have connived to take from nurses, the people who have always seemed to me the most decent, hardworking, and genuinely compassionate people on the planet.

I just can’t understand how people can behave like that. Is their bottom line so hard to reach that they have to steal from such noble souls?

Well, I hope someone sues them for it. There are lawyers who go after places that treat nurses like that, and I hope any hospital or healthcare office that is committing these thefts of hours and wages issued and closed, no matter what the consequences.

If we can’t, as a society, at least all agree that nurses, who don’t make that much and do so much good without getting much credit, if we can’t agree that they deserve to be at least not cheated, I don’t know where we are anymore.

It just seems wrong to me that people would ever think to purposefully do this to others, especially when the victims are the people doing most of the unpleasant work making sure we’re healthy, happy individuals.